About Stronglife Fitness
Conor Sunderland is a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, and online coach from Clonmel, Ireland, who specialises in minimalist training methods and simple tasty recipes. 

Conor helps entrepreneurs transform their bodies despite leading busy lives with his no-nonsense approach and methods. He has perfected his time-efficient methods for over 6 years in order to 'get the most out of the least'. 

Too often people believe that fitness approaches need to be highly complex and extremely tough, but that is not the case. If you know exactly where to apply your effort, then you will be shocked at how simple it is to rapidly reinvent yourself for the better!

With the correct minimalist training approach (a combined 1.5 hours per week), eating meals that are filling and tasty, and applying some lifestyle hacks, we can rapidly and easily achieve the bodies of our dreams while loving life.

Right now, we have some exclusive consultation slots to put together a plan of action for how you can transform yourself alongside your busy life. If this FREE call sounds like it's for you, then click the button below to reserve your slot.
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