How to Lose Fat and Never Get Hungry
Written by Conor Sunderland on 21st September 2020
The age-old problem that confronts each of us when we set out to lose weight is as follows: how do we lose the weight without feeling huge cravings and without having to eat prison food such as boiled chicken and broccoli?

Training is certainly the easier part of the equation to adhere to, you do it for an hour and then it's done. The diet, however, is a round-the-clock affair. Luckily, I come bearing gifts - gifts in the form of tricks to ensure that you don't fall off track and don't have to resort to eating cardboard masquerading as food.  

Tip #1: Macronutrient Manipulation
Different macronutrients have different satiety ratings, with protein being the most satiating. It serves to reason that if our diet is composed of more satiating foods, we will feel fuller throughout the day. All of the recipes in the Stronglife Cookbook supplied to clients abide by this rule. For example, the 'Bodybuilder's French Toast' substitutes whole eggs for egg whites along with fat-free high protein Greek yogurt and fruit compote to keep you feeling full for hours (along with some secret ingredients). That breakfast will fuel muscle and help burn fat, while sitting in your stomach with no plans of leaving. 5 hours of fullness for 500 calories!

Tip #2: Clever Coffee
As a business owner, I'm sure that you will be more than glad to hear that coffee comes with some surprising benefits. Along with increased focus and energy, the natural caffeine provided in coffee blunts hunger and food cravings. Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant, caffeine addicts rejoice! (Side note - if possible, opt for ground coffee made with a French press as opposed to instant coffee as it is healthier and, of course, classier.)

Tip #3: Simplicity is Key
Preparing satisfying meals should never be a pain. Creating healthful lower calorie meals is and should be extremely simple. We all know people who pull out all the stops during a burst of inspiration and cook a beautiful dinner just to revert back to their old ways for the rest of the week (most of us have been this person). You shouldn't burn yourself out shooting for perfection, you should create 'good' meals that take 15 minutes each every day rather than eat crap most of the time and then bust out a Michelin star meal once a month. Simplicity wins long term, us humans will naturally desire the path of least resistance - make that path the healthy path.

Tip #4: An Imperfect Diet You Can Sustain > A Perfect Diet You Can't Sustain
This a sister point of point 3, but it makes sense to have it be separate. Do not obsess over the minor details of your diet, the main thing is being in a calorie deficit and getting enough protein. If you can sustain such a diet for a prolonged period of time then you're doing well. 

Well, that wraps it up! This is not an exhaustive list and there are many more methods that can certainly prove to be quite useful. If you are interested in coaching you can book a free consult and find out how best to achieve your goals and put these principles into practice. 

Thanks for reading - Conor. 

Conor Sunderland

Conor Sunderland helps business owners shed body fat and gain lean muscle with his proven Stronglife System. 
He is an expert at helping people transform their bodies using insanely enjoyable training methods and recipes that make it feel like you're not even dieting, all to fit a hectic lifestyle.
If you're interested in transforming your own body and life then definitely reach out and request a free consult today.
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