Written by Conor Sunderland on 21st of September 2020
The age-old problem that confronts each of us when we set out to lose weight is as follows: how do we lose the weight without feeling huge cravings and without having to eat prison food such as boiled chicken and broccoli?
Written by Conor Sunderland on 17th August 2020
Dear reader, I have a potentially shocking piece of information for you: getting in shape is not complicated.
I am sure that many personal trainers and coaches would not want the general population to know this for obvious financial reasons. However...
Written by Conor Sunderland on 14th July 2020
Starting a journey to go from your current point of fitness to a desired point of fitness can be a more arduous path than many give it credit for. You are imagining a new future and trying to become a better person - you deserve respect for this, the beginning is daunting after all.
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